Ocean Breeze Soap

I made this soap a few days ago. I use a big block mold that holds 40 oz of Oils and water.

For this project I used;
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Canola Oil
Sunflower Oil
Cocoa Butter
Blue Oxide
Green Oxide
Yellow Oxide
Ocean Breeze Fragrance Oil

When I made this soap, it came to trace very quickly and the yellow portion of it was very clumpy when I poured it into my mold. I gently tapped the mold on the counter in hopes of smoothing everything.  I let it sit for 24 hours but it was sticky so I allowed it to sit another night. I was happy when it came out of the mold smoothly. I was worried, however, that my soap will look weird due to its fast tracing and clumps. It turned out fantastic! Today I used a piece from the left overs and it lathers very well. See for yourself...

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