Coffee Cinnamon Soap with Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

I made this soap yesterday. This soap will lighten up once the curing process is over. If you notice, the tops and bottoms of the soap are light. The entire bar will eventually look this way in a few months. I will keep you guys posted on the color change sometime next month. 

For this soap I used the following;

Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Canola Oil
Sunflower Oil
Organic unrefined Cocoa Butter 
Coffee Grounds
Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

Coffee grounds in soap are a great natural exfoliate. I added the cocoa butter to give the skin some moisture while you gently exfoliate your skin. 
Cinnamon gives it that nice brown color.
Sandalwood gives it that nice manly scent. 

I used my big block mold that yields 12 standard sizes soaps. I used my crinkle cutter to cut the soap. I have a straight blade cutter but the crinkle cut is my absolute favorite and cut 99.9% of my soaps with it :) 

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