Adult and Baby Vapor Rub


Hello friends! Thanks for visiting again. Here I have my homemade Adult and Baby Vapor rub. I use the baby vapor on my 3 year old son all the time. His skin instantly absorbs it, unlike store bought vapor rub that just sits on the skin. This homemade product is safe to use on infants - the elderly. 

Store bought vapor rub is made of petroleum jelly. Your skin cannot and will not absorb that garbage. Petroleum creates a barrier that literally suffocates your pores. If you have some petroleum jelly at home, I want you to put some on your hand and splash some water on it. Notice how the water will just sit on the top of the jelly. Although beeswax is also non absorbent by the skin, it can be absorbent when used in small quantities. I used a lot more coconut oil in my recipe to allow your skin to absorb the essential oils. A lot of the store bought vapor rubs do not specify if they are using essential oils. For all we know it is just a lab made scent to replicate an essential oil. 

If you want to try it yourself, you can find them here at 

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