Cheap Essential Oil Diffuser that WORKS! Detailed Pictures added with links

Hello all! Today I want to share with you all my experience with this great Essential Oil Diffuser i have purchased. I was looking around and saw so many Diffusers but at a super high price. I was getting discouraged and overwhelmed by it all!

If you are looking for something small that will run for a few hours at night then this Essential Oil Diffuser is right for you. Not only is it cheap but it works great. I paid $14.99 and got free shipping because i purchased other non related items to qualify for the free shipping.

Lets un-box this little guy so you can see it for yourself!

1st let take a look at the box


Everything out of the box

So here is everything that you get
1. Diffuser
2. Adapter
3. Measuring Cup
4. Instruction manual

These pictures are of the top of the diffuser. To open it you just twist the cap off

The inner cap comes off for easy cleaning

This is the inner cap

This is how the top of the cap looks once the smaller part is inside

Setting up your new diffuser

1.Plug in the adapter to the bottom of the diffuser
2. Using you measuring cup add 100 ml of cold water
3. There is a "Max Line" on the diffuser so make sure you don't go past that line
4. Add a few drops of you favorite essential oils. I get my oils from here at a great price. I use disposable pipettes i buy 50 of them for only$1.50 with free shipping Buy disposable pipettes here

Now for the fun part! Seeing this little guy in action

1. Put the top back on the diffuser 
2. Press the "Mist" button. When you 1st press it you will see a green light. If you press it again the light will turn red. Now when the diffuser is set on the green light mist will come out for 30 seconds then it will shut off for 1 minute. It will repeat this process until the reservoir is empty. When the red light is on you will get continuous mist but this wont last many hours. with red the mist will probably go on for almost 3 hours. With green you will get mist for about 6 hours. 

Look at all that mist!

When you press the "Light" button you can choose what color you want your diffuser to be. When you press it the first time it changes colors every couple of seconds. After that you press it until you get the color desired. 14 color settings. 7 colors with 2 shades of that same color

Here is a video of the color changes

In conclusion this is perfect for a 1 bedroom. I use it in my 2 year old room with lavender oil.

You can buy oils from my website ECOLIFENATURAL.ETSY.COM

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